About Us

Advanced Real Estate Systems LLC was founded by a dedicated team of real estate and technology experts on the principles of helping real estate professionals succeed in a short sale process. The company’s ShortSaleSpeedway™ is a 24\7, on-demand service that allows real estate professionals to prepare comprehensive short sale and loan modification proposals through a single point of entry system. The easy-to-use tool generates a new revenue stream through the short sale process, while ensuring all legal and compliance issues without involving lawyers.

ShortSaleSpeedway™ offers customers access to its industry knowledge and insights through product training webinars and insider discussion boards where short sale professionals share their expertise.

Philip Tesoriero, co-founder, has a wealth of knowledge in negotiating short sales with lending institutions. Tesoriero’s widely anticipated short sale classes have been approved by the State of New York for C.E. credits and proven to be extremely useful for real estate agents. Philip Tesoriero has also been hired by major franchises nationwide as a consultant to their short sale department.

Philip Tesoriero speaking at Inman Real Estate Connect

Your Automated Short Sale Solution

ShortSaleSpeedway™ offers access to search, download, and manage an unlimited amount of properties. ShortSaleSpeedway™ includes:

  • Owner profiles
  • Attorney information
  • IRS 4506
  • Expense reports & documentation
  • Income reports & documentation
  • Buyer offers and documents
  • HUD-1
  • BPO builder
  • Carry cost analysis
  • Hardship letter
  • Offer letter
  • Explanation of terms
  • Authorizations
  • MARS Compliant Disclosures

The most complete short sale proposal is available at your disposal 24/7.