Setting the Record Straight
Apr 20, 2010

Over the weekend someone emailed an offer on some short sale audio CD’s and used my name and picture in the ad without my permission. I have received several calls on this email. I HAVE NOTHING to do with those CD’s anymore; they were recorded several years ago, which makes their content outdated.

At the time they were recorded, the CD’s were extremely useful, but due to all the changes in the short sale industry they have at best limited use and I have stopped offering them. Furthermore, I do NOT endorse the “certification” associated with those same CD’s. The only product I do endorse is FORECLOSUREGUARD.NET.

As far as certifications, the only ones I endorse at this time are the SFR offered by NAR and RSSP; the certification offered by the largest board of realtors in the country, LIBOR. Money is tight for many and I do not believe in selling a product that is not a good investment in your business.

For those who know me, my reputation has always been more important than my bank account.  I have been working very hard to make sure the information I provide is current, accurate and pertinent to helping other real estate professionals better serve their clients.

Thank you,

Philip Tesoriero, SFR, ITI, RSSP

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