Why Foreclosure Guard was Created
Jan 06, 2010

They say necessity is the mother of all invention.  Foreclosure Guard certainly proves that point. About three years ago Steve Harney, a renowned national speaker gave me the opportunity to do a presentation on the topic of default real estate and short sale negotiations. That opportunity has blossomed into my career as a speaker and educator on the topic of default real estate.  It’s great to help other people make money with short sales; it’s even better knowing how many families are being helped through my teachings.

During the past three years, I have been teaching thousands of real estate professionals not only the concepts needed to negotiate a successful short sale, but a concise process that will ensure deals get done.  Nonetheless at the end of just about every session my students still needed more.  I found myself wanting to make my own process even easier through technology.  After seeing what was out there already I knew something better had to be built.

Sure enough Steve came through again by introducing me to Erik Wind, the co-founder of Foreclosure Guard.  Erik is a very talented developer with his own real estate background. One day over a casual business lunch I asked Erik if it was possible to turn my full day class on the short sale process into a user friendly, feature rich software that will truly help real estate professionals become more useful in helping their communities as well as make them more profitable. So within a few days of that meeting I found myself at Erik’s office for several months and Foreclosure Guard was born.

Erik and I can sometimes disagree on certain parts of the software.  However, we both agree strongly that Foreclosure Guard has to be more than another real estate program in a fancy box that doesn’t work. Foreclosure Guard MUST be as user friendly as possible so that thousands of short sale professionals can increase their earnings while preserving property values during these difficult days.

It’s no mystery to anyone in the world that the foreclosure situation is not going to just go away. It will take some hard work by those brave enough to confront these sometimes challenging transactions.  I am certain that Foreclosure Guard will make you more successful in closing more short sales.

Philip Tesoriero
National Speaker on Short Sales and Co-founder of Foreclosure Guard

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