HAMP RMA - Another Necessary Short Sale Document
Jul 28, 2011

When most of us hear HAMP RMA, we conclude "oh, this must be for a loan modification".  While that's true, don't be surprised when a lender asks you for a HAMP RMA when negotiating a short sale.  Don't be surprised when your short sale is delayed because you didn't include the HAMP RMA in the first place, even though they never asked for it.

As always, ShortSaleSpeedway's advice is do not wait for the lender to ask you for any document.  The HAMP RMA is another one of those documents that some lenders use as an excuse to delay a decision on your short sale proposal, if it's not included.

Adding the HAMP RMA to your short sale proposal through ShortSaleSpeedway is really easy, and it doesn't add much time to the document preparation.  Most of the information is already completed when you fill out other screens in ShortSaleSpeedway.

Yesterday I was following up on a submitted short sale proposal and I had a lender tell me I needed to submit a HAMP RMA. It was refreshing when I told him to look at  page 4 of my short sale proposal.  Instead of more delays, they countered my offer and we have a scheduled closing for mid-August.

How much different would the short sale process have gone had I not had the HAMP RMA included in my proposal? 

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